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Aerosol Can Recycling And Disposal

    Aerosol cans are highly pressured and in order to correctly dispose of them they will firstly need to be emptied and pierced before the crushing process. Here at EPS We offer a hire unit in which the empty cans can be pierced and placed in transport bins provided by us which will then be emptied and resupplied. 


Why should I puncture aerosol cans? 

  • Minimises worker injuries caused by fire, explosion or VOC release from improperly emptied or unemptied cans

  • Recycling system easily punctures aerosol cans, rendering them exempt from hazardous waste regulations when properly emptied

  • Eliminates the risks associated with illegal aerosol disposal and the expense of hazardous waste handling


How does it work?

Once the aerosol can has been emptied it can be placed within the cam receiver where a cam support lid is put over the can, holding it in place. The lever is then pushed allowing the tungsten tip to pierce the can, letting the excess gas to be safely exited through the barrels filters. After the cans have been transferred into the transport bins we will remove them and begin the crushing process, ready to be recycled. We will also give a full tutorial on how to use the machine safely upon installation. Our Aerosol can recycling services currently cover all of Shropshire and North Wales.



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Where we cover

Our services cover all over the UK but mainly the West Midlands and North Wales area for more details on locations please call on the number below.



Tel: +44 7736615662

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